Digital Marketing

“Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.” – Joe Chernov

The Digital Era of Marketing

A strong online presence is essential to being successful in today’s digital landscape. Starke Marketing has you covered. We have the services and expertise necessary to devise and implement a strong digital marketing plan to boost your online presence and increase traffic.

Website Design

Building you a beautiful and powerful website doesn’t have to break the bank. We build custom websites that inform as well as engage. There are three areas of focus when building you the perfect website: Visual design, usability, and mobile integration. From stream lined and minimalistic modern websites, to intricate and detailed e-commerce sites, we will make sure your website will be a powerful tool that sky-rockets your brand.

Content Marketing

Our focus is on providing valuable and relevant content with consistency. We use your website, your blog, social media, and all other digital tools to attract your target demographic and engage consumers.

Search Engine Optimization

Grow your organic web traffic with SEO. There are many ways to increase website hits, but SEO is king. Our SEO services will drive valuable organic traffic to your website and transform your online presence!

Mobile and Tablet Integration

Almost half of your customers are using smartphones and tablets to surf. We are not just mobile friendly; we specifically craft websites and digital content to be engaging and user friendly to improve the user experience.

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